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MessageSujet: Arlok : propositions (UK)   Arlok :  propositions (UK) EmptySam 17 Juin - 18:56

Setup: This requires 3 warriors, preferably with 1h and shield unless geared out. The MT will be on Arlokk while the two OT's will stand under the torches along side the panther cages. The rest of the raid group will begin the battle with their backs to the wall opposite of the gong (door side). Combat: This is a fairly simple fight if executed as dictated. Have a non-tank member ring the gong to initiate the fight. Arlokk will spawn immediately, which will require the MT to begin the aggro process. Once the tank has it on lock-down, the entire raid (except the Off-tanks) must focus on dps'ing down arlokk. During the battle, panthers will spawn in great numbers. Arlokk will also place a 'mark' on a raid member, who will become the main target of the panthers. When a player is marked, he/she should kite the panthers between the two off-tanks. The job of the off-tanks is to drop demoralizing shout and any other aggro-grabber to strip the panthers off the marked member. This process will continue until Arlokk vanishes. When Arlokk is gone, focus on one OT's panthers first to dps them down, then move to the 2nd OT's panthers and dps them down. Continue killing panthers until Arlokk reappears. When Arlokk reappears, she will activate a red aura which indicates her double-cleave. AVOID THE CLEAVES! Continue going full-out DPS on Arlokk, and continue to have the OT's taunt the panthers. by the end of the 2nd vanish, she should be well below 50%. Continue with dps'ing the panthers after she disappears. When she reappears, again watch for the cleave. Continue DPS'ing arlokk until she is dead. Most guilds can do this in about 3-4 vanishes. Better guilds will kill her before the 2nd vanish. Anyway, the key to this is constant, heavy DPS while she is out, and then killing panthers when she's gone. The off-tanks should have a healer assigned to each of them.

[edit]Strategy 2
Setup: The whole raid assembles at the gong, only the main tank keeps to the middle of the room to grab Arlokk when the gong has been sounded. after grabbing the aggro, the whole raid focuses on dps on Arlokk, the panthers are being feared by Warlocks and Priests with their aoe fearing abilities. No offtanks are needed here. Once Arlokk vanishes, the mages frost nova the panthers and the whole raid goes aoe against them. The panthers die rather fast (at least in our raids, they are non-elite mobs). The main tank just stays in the middle of the room during the slaying of the panthers. Once Arlokk is visible again, and the main tank regained aggro, again the whole raid focuses on her to dps her down, fearing/ignoring the spawning panthers.

Main Points: - keep dps on Arlokk as long as she is visible - mass fear the panthers during the dps stages - aoe kill panthers once Arlokk vanishes - the main tank needs to keep Arlokk out of the group because of her cleave attack.

We manage to kill Arlokk before she vanishes a 2nd time with this strategy.

[edit]Strategy 3

3 tanks. 1 MT on Arlokk, 1 Main OT in one pen, and 1 Secondary OT in the other.
3 mages by the gong on a Frost Nova rotation.
Healers along the pen walls facing the center.
Ranged DPS along the wall near the entrance.
Strategy: The MT rings the gong to summon Arlokk and immediately gets her attention. The MT and DPS open up on her once the MT has sufficient aggro and ignores the panthers. The 3 mages by the gong have to be careful to keep their mana levels high enough to maintain their Frost Nova rotation.
The OTs grab the attention of the panthers however they want and hold aggro without killing them.
When Arlokk marks a target, they run to one of the OTs so the OT can strip the panthers off them.
Once all the panthers have spawned the OTs drag them to the gong, preferably into a corner at the back.
When the panthers are in the recess with the gong, the mages begin alternating their frost novas. When the panthers are all frozen in place the secondary OT is free to DPS Arlokk with the rest of the raid. Every 8 seconds the next mage in the rotation runs into the gong area and fires off his frost nova to renew the root. The primary OT needs to stay with the mages and keep the panthers in the back. Because Frost Nova only has an 8 second duration with a 25 second cooldown the OT will have to make sure the panthers don't get out of the bottleneck. With 3 mages there will be a minimum of 1 second every rotation that the panthers aren't frozen unless one of the mages has at least a single point in Improved Frost Nova. If the mages have enough frost specialization to have a fully covered roations (or there happen to be four of them), the OT should still stay by the mages just in case the panthers break early.

Note: My bad on the 15 seconds...I don't play a mage and there was some confustion on that point...fixed now though.
The 8 second rotation is important! Frost Nova has a 25 second cooldown normally and an 8 second effect. This means that with three mages alternating frost novas every 8 seconds you will have the OT tanking the panthers that just broke out of the root, one mage with 1 second left on the timer, one mage with 9 seconds left on his cooldown, and one mage with 17 seconds left on his cooldown. I suggest that each mage make a /y macro, and hit it whenever their frost nova cooldown reaches 19 seconds. This gives the next mage in the rotation 2 seconds to finish casting whatever and get into position.

If any of the panthers resist the frost nova or break early, it is the job of the primary OT to keep them off the mages and out of the raid proper. When the next mage in the rotation is ready to Frost Nova the OT will keep the panther in place while the nova is fired.

Once Arlokk is dead, the panthers can be AOEd.
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MessageSujet: Re: Arlok : propositions (UK)   Arlok :  propositions (UK) EmptySam 17 Juin - 19:56

J'ai trouvé ce post qui fait suite au up et bug de Arlok aprés la 1.10 :

A lire je pense, trés instructif et en français
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Arlok : propositions (UK)
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